Kathy Bee's Music Books & Fun Projects

I'm An American CD

If you like Patriotic music, than you will love Kathy Bee's CD I'm An American. Written to spread American pride and unity for all.

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Footprints In The Sand CD

The music adapted from the beloved poem Footprints In The Sand will truly stir your soul. Plus you can sing along with the instrumental tracks.


Footsteps My Journey

If you have ever been discouraged and you feel that no one cares... Begin your journey by reading the book Footsteps My Journey.
You will be inspired!
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Red Hat Party Songs

If youare a Red Hatter or you would like to party like a Red Hatter...than here are the songs that get the party started and keep it going...packed full of fun!
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Red Hat Celebration

Keep the party going with more Red Hatter favorites...Dance with the Red Hat Chicken Dance...Sing along with familiar tunes with Red Hatter Lyrics.
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Footprints Documentary

What if you discovered a great truth and yearned for others to learn about it? If you could...Would you produce a documentary? IF you have ever been touched by the poem
Footprints In The Sand...
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The Tin Can

The musical that will move you to tears and applaud at the end. Audiences love this musical and you will love it too! Discover The Tin Can.

Do The Dream Song

Do The Dream is an inspirational song by Kathy Bee that is being developed into a TV show.
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