Sing A Long

Music happens when the soul respond to life…Kathy Bee

Vocals by Kathy Bee & musical tracks by Andre Mayeaux

Sad Music In My Head is the song from the new musical “The Tin Can”
by Kathy M. Hampton AKA Kathy Bee


The Tin Can is a new musical that explores the contrast between the Corporate World and the Homeless Street People. The story is about a homeless child (Peter AKA Penny), who models for an eccentric lonely, painter (Harry), who has been commissioned to paint a book cover for a successful publishing company. When the book is released, Peter/Penny is recognized by her mother and they are reunited.
However Harry is arrested for kidnapping. The story gets the attention of the media and book sales soar. Penny and her mother appear on a TV show, where the entire kidnapping story is unraveled.

This news frees Harry who reverts back to his hermit like ways, until he receives the “Tin Can” that contains a special note from Peter/Penny.



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