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Kathy Bee


Kathy Hampton, aka Kathy Bee is a TV Producer, Host, Musical Playwright, an Award Winning Singer, Songwriter and the CEO/Founder of Touching Lives Multimedia, Inc. and P.R. Productions. Touching Lives Multimedia Inc. and P.R. Productions are her multimedia companies, specializing in TV production, music, public relations and the Internet. 


P. R. Productions was launched in 1986 with the core purpose to provide public awareness and instituted promotional solutions in the areas of TV, print, live events and in 1997, through the multimedia via the Internet. In 2013 her TL TV Space opened its doors, providing accommodations for seminars, workshops and media events.


Kathy's talented team of professionals have the capability, experience and flexibility to provide clients with their multi-media needs. Beginning with the initial consultation to defining needs, identifying the target audience, creating a brand name/identity, determining goals, designing strategy and implementing plans to meet key objectives.


For 10 years, Kathy produced and hosted 250 TV show segments called Touching Lives, promoting extraordinary people from all across the Southern California region and throughout the United States. In 2012 the Touching Lives TV Award Show premiered in Hollywood to honor amazing unsung heroes from the past.


As a songwriter, Bee charted the National Billboard Charts, Cashbox and Indie. Her latest songs I'm An American, Footprints In The Sand and Do The Dream are currently receiving airplay across the United States. Bee's musical, The Tin Can (Showcase) successfully premiered at The Woman's Club in Hollywood and was the featured entertainment at the 1st Touching Lives TV Award Show. 


Currently Kathy Bee has prodcued and launched her new Web TV show called Do The Dream TV. Do The Dream TV is the Web TV show that is "People Helping People". Discovery your Dream Makers. Learn how they made their dreams come true and so can you! Get "Free" gifts for being a viewer! See More


Kathy has been entertaining her audience across the U.S. opening for numerous celebrities from the late great Bob Hope to Former President Bill Clinton. From a One-Woman Show to a 17 Piece Orchestra, Kathy Bee has performed with them all. She continues to reinvent herself, as only a true visionary and artist can.





Touching Lives
Award Show

Giving back, being grateful, appreciating others... "People Helping People"
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Do The Dream TV

Do The Dream is the new Web TV show about "People Helping People"!
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Footprints Documentary

What if you discovered a great truth and yearned for others to learn about it?
Footprints In The Sand...
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Footsteps My Journey

If you have ever been discouraged and you feel that no one cares...
You will be inspired!
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Touching Lives TV Show

Touching Lives began as a cable TV show that aired in Southern California from 1998-2008,
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Red Hatter Music Friendship/Fun

In 2005, Kathy Bee has been active with The Red Hat Society

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Seminars & Workshops

Our goals are to help others to grow their business, "People Helping People".



Do The Dream TV

I'm An American Concert & Tour


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World Peace Day Celebration

Nov. 11

Veteran's Day in Malibu, CA Malibu Chamber 11:00 AM



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